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About Us

Jason and Sue Kloter love good ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but creamy, premium ice cream. The desire to create an ice cream shop had been in their minds and in their hearts for a long time. Filled with the demands of raising a family, ten years of homeschooling, and working at Kloter Farms, there just never seemed to be enough time to make this dream a reality.

Stepping down from his position of President at Kloter Farms was a turning point for Jason and his family. There was suddenly time available to breathe life into the dream they shared. Together with their family, Jason and Sue began travelling all over the Northeast in search of the creamiest ice cream they could find. They tried, tested and experimented... determined to serve only the best of the best. Today, this is what is served at Kloter's!

So stop by with your friends, sit by the fire, and experience the taste they found. Kloter's offers 22 flavors of premium ice cream, soft serve, hard yogurt, sorbet, and non dairy coconut cream ice cream! You will know you have arrived when you smell the amazing aroma of our fresh waffle cones!

Jason, Sue, their family, and their team would love to see you and appreciate your support of their dream!


"Ice cream makes everyone happy."

Co-Founder, Sue Kloter

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